Is it time for a Pleasant Financial Conversation?

August 1, 2021

At Pleasant Wealth, we love client conversations about big financial goals. Since money is a central part of planning ahead, it’s at the heart of the big-picture client conversations we relish.


But there’s no sugar-coating it: the nuts and bolts of finance are dull. Most people loathe addressing tedious, non-urgent things.  Often, when we ignore the messy money details, we accidentally lose sight of the big picture.


We really don’t want this to happen to you. Your big goals, and the people you will share them with are fundamentally important. Here are a few situations that absolutely merit a review:


  • Are you having a better year than you expected financially? You have more resources available to reach your goals- make sure you get the most bang for your buck as you plan.


  • Does your financial year look worse than you expected? Meet with an advisor you trust to help keep the long-term goals in perspective, and explore strategies to keep you on track.


  • Have you had a major life change? A job change, a death, marriage, divorce, or health change?  Plan effectively for new realities.


Or perhaps, you just want to have a Pleasant Financial Conversation:


  • Are you happy with your financial plans?
  • Have you uncovered something new about family, health, or your desires?
  • Have you talked to your family about your money plan?
  • Who benefits from your money plan if something happens to you?


We would love to hear what’s on your mind.  To schedule your Fall Review meeting, call our office at 330.893.0113 or click here:

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