Review Meetings Cover More than Just the Numbers

May 10, 2022
By:  Liz Hand, CFP (R)
During our just-concluded spring review session, we asked clients to look at a few areas of life that matter most: Joy, Satisfaction, Health, Family, and Friends/Community. We got quite a few side-eyes while clients filled out the questionnaire ranking themselves 1-10.
“Why would you ask this, Liz? This isn’t therapy; I’m not laying on a couch.” You’re right. I’m no therapist.
But here at Pleasant Wealth, you’ve hired us as your Financial Thinking Partner to help create the life you want. Our philosophy is: Your money only matters in the context of your quality of life. When you pay attention to these five areas, you get insight to how to invest and spend your money better.
And yes, there’s strategy too – when we learn that your health has declined and there is a near-term surgery, we can direct you to the potential medical expense tax break to present to your CPA next year.  Or by learning that “family” is ranking lower than you’d like, we can talk about how you can withdraw $5,000 to pay for the amazing waterfront beach house that gathers your kids and grandkids together.
We have this one wild and precious life.
Is it better for your advisor at Pleasant Wealth to keep talking about how you should stay invested and how the large cap stocks work? Or does it serve you more for us, as your Financial Thinking Partner, to create open conversation about what is moving the needle for your quality of life?
And you know what… we’ll do both for you.