Can a Nest Egg Turn into Real Money?

April 5, 2022

By:  Rachel Krabill, Administrative Assistant

So you’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve been patient.

You’ve nurtured that nest egg and it’s looking pretty solid – pristine even.  Maybe untouchable?

You’ve thought about what retirement might look like, could look like.  Maybe you’re still working part-time just to keep a stream of income alive.  But you’d cut back or quit altogether if that stream of income could somehow keep going.

The question is HOW… how to tap into that nest egg?  What can it really DO anyway?

That’s where we can help.

Your Pleasant Wealth advisor can sort through this fuzziness by helping you:

  1. Explore what is possible – what it would look like to turn that nest egg into “real” money,
  2. Set clear boundaries – what guardrails need to be in place so the money doesn’t run out, and
  3. Minimize tax implications – no sticker shock at tax time.

THEN the Pleasant Wealth service team can put the plan into place.  Typically, with a signature and a voided check, we can “turn on the nozzle” to begin a stream of consistent paychecks that are direct deposited to your bank account.

No wondering if it is the “right time” to take money out.

No “asking permission” for a withdrawal.

No waiting by the mailbox for checks in the mail.

And if you ever find that the nozzle needs some adjusting, you can make a different decision later.  We’re here to make sure your money is doing what you want it to do.

Putting that nest egg to work for you can leave you feeling good about your money.