We’re giving the boot to “Bag Lady Syndrome” on this International Women’s Day

March 8, 2022

A universal fear of women with a portfolio size from 5 figures to 8 figures is that there might be a day when she will become a bag lady because of a poor decision today.

This is not a common fear of men.

It is pervasive with women.

No amount of statistics-spewing or stacks of paper projections will quiet the voice that creates this fear.

What should a woman do when she doesn’t have the confidence to make the financial transition of giving up a W-2 paycheck to receiving money from investments or pension?

The lack of confidence leads to:

  • Staying longer in the workforce than desired
  • Low energy
  • Anxiety that can create sleepless nights or sickness

That’s why at Pleasant Wealth we are passionate about becoming a financial thinking partner with women.

We help women avoid three common mistakes made by retirees: not getting enough retirement income from a portfolio, sending too much to Uncle Sam, and portfolio returns that don’t match their desired outcomes.

Our secret sauce of the Pleasant Financial Conversation is where clarity and confidence are created. We can’t tell you how often we’ve heard “I didn’t know money could be this fun!”

We partner as a fiduciary with women to sit on the same side of the table and create reliable income without necessarily using annuities that cuts portfolio growth.  We collaborate with their CPA to bring forth tax strategies that keeps more money in the portfolios long term for adventure or family goals.  And most importantly, we align data-driven investment strategies with the timeframe and appetite of risk that allows her to grow her money.

When women feel confident and clear about their money, they make better financial choices that spur more connection – memorable family moments, friend adventures, space to process what aging and ending a career looks and feels like with other women in the same life stage.

Now that’s something to celebrate this International Women’s Day!